Coming in August

August 3: Total Recall
I should be excited about the Total Recall reboot. I really feel like I should. But I’m just not. We know the story (or if we don’t, we have been remiss in our cinematic education), and sure, it looks like they’re going to retell it with a reasonable level of competence. I like Kate Beckinsale, I’m not totally offended by Jessica Biel and Colin Farrell can fill the action-star role with little trouble. But something is definitely missing here (maybe they shouldn’t have stolen the set pieces from Fifth Element?). Meh, I’ll probably see it anyway.

August 3: Soldiers of Fortune
OH MY GOD I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE THIS MOVIE! The studio should fire someone in PR because I’d never even heard of it, but it looks AMAZING. Why is it limited release?! Sean Bean, Ving Rhames, Christian Slater?! Okay the moment I saw Sean Bean blowing up a speedboat with a grenade launcher I was IN. LIKE. FLYNN. What should go without saying: this is not meant to be Shakespeare, people. It’s meant to be fun. And what could be more fun than a bunch of clueless moneybags cosplaying Call of Duty with real guns?!

August 10: The Bourne Legacy
Well that’s just a no-brainer.

August 31: The Possession
This looks legitimately creepy. The storyline itself isn’t exactly groundbreaking: girl opens box, gets possessed, yadda yadda religion yadda exorcism yadda “true story.” But Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Kyra Sedgwick are both solid actors, and it’s produced by Sam Raimi, which clinched it for me.

Raimi’s Drag Me to Hell was one of the best horror films I’ve seen in a while; it includes an old lady fight scene that was somehow terrifying while still being completely hilarious. Seriously. Full screen, lights out, empty house: CREEPY.

August 10: The Campaign
It’s nearing the next presidential election, so naturally filmmakers are pushing out their political agendas…at least this is one we’re supposed to laugh at. When congressman Cam Brady (Will Ferrell) commits a public faux pas before election season, a pair of CEO’s plot against Brady by throwing Marty Huggins in the mix (Zach Galifianakis) to gain influence over their North Carolina district. Filmed outside of New Orleans, someone I knew on set said it was hilarious…here’s hoping.

August 17: Cosmopolis
I haven’t heard anything too remarkable about Cosmopolis, but I’ve been hearing buzz about this movie since the latter half of 2011. The plot deals with all the typical themes: sex, violence, power, money, technology, etc. etc. Anything with Robert Pattinson is questionable content, but I’m willing to overlook my disdain for the Twilight franchise, and hope that something like this will separate him from the sparkly vampires. Plus, Jay Baruchel is in it…that’s enough for me.

August 17 (Limited): Compliance
This caused a lot of controversy at Sundance…in a good way. The thriller is based on a true story, which always provides more credibility for me, where a woman working at fast food joint receives a phone call from a “police officer” asking her to do unusual tasks to help solve a case. This caught my eye when I saw Magnolia Pictures was it’s distributor (They’ve distributed films in the past such as Melancholia, All Good Things and I’m Still Here…all great films that generally got overlooked). The problem with Magnolia is that they release most of their films OnDemand the same week as the theatrical opening making the release limited in theaters.

August 24: Premium Rush
If Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in a movie, it’s highly unlikely that I’ll miss it. He’s in the tier of young 90s actors who smoothly transitioned into the 2000s. His acting resume is pretty flawless; the guy has been in nothing but grade A movies in the past few years. Premium Rush follows Wilee (JGL), a NYC bike messenger who’s equipped to handle every possible obstacle New York can throw at bikers. His last delivery for the day is more than he bargained for when he realizes that someone connected to the package is trying to kill him.


4 thoughts on “Coming in August”

  1. I’m definetly going tos ee Bourne Legacy and Cosmopolis and I’ll stay away from Total Recall – the trailer was awful and if they can’t even find 2 decent minutes of scenes that doesn’t make me rush to see this one.

    1. haha your instinct with Total Recall was spot-on.. I knew it would be bad but there were slim pickins 😦 Full review to follow soon!

  2. Totall Recall is just awful 😦 There were a bunch of recent remakes of the 80s/90s stuff, reboots and whatever blah blah but only few of them were actually good (I really liked ‘Dredd’ with Karl Urban and screenplay by Alex Garland who directed Ex Machina later).

    Premium Rush is a nice little movie and Gordon is charming there as his always is. 🙂 Michael Shannon was cool there too!!

    I haven’t seen the others, so it’d be great to read your review, especially for Cosmopolis. Cronenberg’s always been a remarkabke guy. Not always hitting the spot, but with his own vision for sure.

    Compliance look very interesting too.

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