Review: Jackie


Natalie Portman is Jackie Kennedy.

Dramatizing an event for film or television already heavily ingrained in history and culture presents challenges: actors may look different than their real-life counterparts, events could be changed or forgotten, the overall “feel” of the event (due to music, costumes or other production quirks) can be lost. Historical pieces are tricky, but when handled with ingenuity, these films stand as a crowning achievement in the world of cinema.

Typically portrayed for her style and elegance, Jackie gives us a rare glimpse of the First Lady as she gives a revealing look at her tenure at the White House and introduces the idea of Camelot following the JFK assassination for an article in Life magazine. The film gives us an opportunity to experience a side of Jackie seldom explored and how she cemented her husband’s legacy. Said Jackie in the interview: “There will be great presidents again, but there will never be another Camelot.”

Natalie Portman as Jackie Gif

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