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5star“Emma Watson showed up–Hermione just stole all of our shit!”

For a film that took years in the making to have all schedules open and synced, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill, James Franco, Danny Mcbride and Craig Robinson team up to film their version of the apocalypse. And it was worth the wait.

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This is the End Movie

This is the End features the directorial début of longtime besties and collaborators Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (Superbad and Pineapple Express writing partner) who deliver non-stop comedic romps and punchlines from page to screen with no limitations of raunchiness. The film is an extension of the 2007 short “Jay and Seth Versus the Apocalypse,” but this disaster flick’s edge relies solely on what we love these guys for—comedic chemistry and improvisation.

“We really spend a lot of time on the script, and especially the structure, because that we know we can’t improvise. The movie has to flow. But as far as dialogue goes, it’s all up for grabs. And even the point of the scene sometimes, honestly, sometimes the actors go, ‘This scene just kinda feels weird in general, and you’ll literally change the trajectory of the whole scene.” Seth Rogen via Huffington Post

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“Like the scene where they’re doing inventory with the Milky Way, we just said, ‘Hey, Franco, throw the gun to Jonah,’ and that’s how that scene happened. The whole rest of that scene, and then him and Franco’s exchange, we didn’t write any of that.” Evan Goldberg via. Huffington Post

The cast of characters all play an alternate, self-deprecating version of themselves with a few traits comparable to their real life personas; although I don’t think Danny McBride is a cannibal nor Michael Cera a sex-crazed coke fiend. The film reunites longtime Canadian pals Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel in Los Angeles, where Jay drops in to visit Seth for a weekend of video gaming and weed smoking. While Seth’s celebrity status over the past few years has sky-rocketed outside of Jay’s moderate success, Jay makes it clear that he’s uncomfortable adapting to the superficial Hollywood scene. When Seth invites Jay to a party hosted by James Franco, Jay apprehensively agrees to join Seth with his fellow comedic Brat Pack.

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After a few bouts of socializing at the party (Craig Robinson defining Jay as a hipster because he “complains a lot and his pants are awfully tight at the bottom” is hilarious), Jay decides to bow out of the party to grab some cigarettes with Seth at a nearby convenience store. This is when the Rapture begins, and strange beams start sucking people into the sky and mass chaos erupts in the streets. The quest for survival and the greatest test of friendship ensues as James Franco’s bachelor pad becomes the ultimate fortress after the fatalities of celebrities in the hellish sink hole in Franco’s front yard (read: Michael Cera, Mindy Kaling, Aziz Ansari all meet their demise quickly, so don’t get too attached to them).

The apocalypse survivors include: Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, James Franco, Jonah Hill, Danny Mcbride and Craig Robinson. Friendships are tested when anxiety levels heighten as the food/water supply diminishes, and rabid creatures are discovered roaming the streets. The hilarity ensues, and it never stops.

This is the End Movie

The dirty humor and the natural candor between these guys has never ceased to impress me–Pineapple Express, Superbad and Knocked Up all reign as 21st century comedy classics; if you couldn’t tolerate the humor in those films, than you might as well skip this one. But if you ask me, these guys are damn funny, and this may be their best work together yet. Their humor doesn’t digest well with everyone, which always amazes me that people don’t know what they’re getting into with the names Rogen, Hill and Franco attached to a project. Jeff Beck at Examiner didn’t quite appreciate the raunchy exchanges:

“As I mentioned, they are obviously quite desperate to make it as funny as they possibly can what with an attempted joke seemingly taking place every few seconds, but unfortunately the level of humor they chose to pursue is so lowbrow that the jokes become more cringe-worthy than funny. Case in point: a stretched-out argument between Franco and Danny McBride regarding masturbation will merely have you squirming in your seat and questioning why they would think that anyone would find it funny.”

Maybe I have an immature boyish mentality, but I wasn’t squirming in my seat…I was laughing uncontrollably. That’s the kind of humor you can expect between these guys, and don’t expect anything less!!

This is the End Movie

Aside from the raunchy phallic jokes and overtly dramatic violence, This is the End offers a vision of morality and friendship that translates as a sincere message as opposed to a cheesy horror spoof. It’s a feat that only these comedic bros can get away with. It seems these guys have proven themselves worthy of filling the seats of 21st century throne of the kings of comedy.

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*The film is also the acting (or looking pretty in the background) début of myself and friend Norma; I thought it’d be a genius idea to be extras at James Franco’s party, but the grueling hours and draining New Orleans heat only kept us one out of four shooting days (whoops! sorry y’all!), but we managed to capture four seconds of screen time fame. The scene required us to dress as “hipsters,” which we apparently didn’t quite grasp, because they re-dressed us immediately. The Seth Rogen laugh is as adorable as everyone says it is, Jay Baruchel is much taller than I suspected (and extremely precious), James Franco was the least friendliest (but overall everyone was very gracious and down to Earth) and the amount of freedom they have with the dialogue is incredible–they are improv geniuses!


26 thoughts on “This is the End”

  1. Glad you enjoyed it! It’s really a blast and hard to put into words. It was nice to see these guys on form again and just having a great time. Great review!

  2. Nice review. Never for a second did I stop laughing. It was always pulling something new out of it’s bag of tricks and didn’t bother to stop or dumb-down to the audience. We were along for the ride as well, really.

  3. Really good review. Unfortunately I just have no interest in it. I hate raunchy comedy and it seems like that’s all we get from the genre these days. Still, a lot of people are liking this film. I’m just going to have to sit it out. 🙂

    1. Keith…give it a chance! I’ve read reviews from people who were hesitant like yourself for the same reasons, and they all enjoyed it! It’s been a big surprise for audiences! SEE IT.

  4. Spot on review, Court! I loved this movie and it was hilarious. I do wish I had warning and eaten less candy during it because my post-movie stomachache was somewhat magnified due to laughing so much while eating too many sour patch kids. I didn’t know you were a hipster extra! Rock on.

  5. Great review! I agree with you all the way here. I didn’t think the movie was a crude turnoff, I thought it was simply hilarious. So cool that you and your friend got to be in it! Was the process of being cast as an extra a hard one? I love hearing about that stuff.

    1. The process really wasn’t hard at all. My friend Norma and I watched Project X, and got some inspiration from a lot of the extras in that movie…they were mostly hipster-esque haha. We just took some try-hard pictures, which didn’t look hipster at all with the exception of those purple glasses in the picture above. We had to get on location, which was a sound stage in an obscure location outside of New Orleans, around 7am. Apparently we were sent an email that gave instructions on how to dress, but to also bring additional clothing in case they didn’t approve our initial outfit. I swear to this day that the latter part of that requirement was not included in our email, and the wardrobe lady was really unpleasant and annoyed with us…but they had racks of clothes to dress us in. So they changed us out of what’s pictured above into really distasteful outfits. We were all told not to talk to any of the guys in the cast, but they were all really nice and down to Earth. Jay Baruchel was sitting by himself for a split second at lunch, and I wanted to join him SO BADLY. We were on set all day. We were all holding beers or mixed drinks, but all the drinks were water :\

      Norma and I did this on a whim for fun, but the majority of extras were pretty snooty; you could tell they were vying to be discovered. We were supposed to film for 4 days, but Norma and I punked out and only went the first day. Surprisingly, we made it in a shot after Franco opens the door to see Seth and Jay, and the camera pans to show the living room…we’re sitting down…Norma’s big wavy dark hair is blocking me for a second, but it was cool to be in a scene for 4.5 seconds. That’s my story ^^

      1. GREAT stuff. Thanks so much for taking the time to write all that. I’m really surprised they made you change, you two look hipster chic in that picture. Now I need to see the movie again so I can spot you!

      2. Well, I had a white shirt on, and they apparently didn’t want any white. It must not show well on screen. They pulled my hair in a 90s side bun, but you can’t miss Norma’s voluminous hair…that’s what I noticed first on screen! Thanks again!

  6. One of the worst ‘comedies’ (if you can even call it that) I’ve seen in years. The usual Seth Rogen affair with the same crass dick jokes retold over and over again. A total and absolute bore fest!! YAWN But hey, each to their own I guess and there is clearly a market for this kind of thing.

      1. I enjoyed Superbad and liked some of the other cast members individual comedy ventures but when Seth is in charge its just all the same. The whole thing just felt like a rehearsal and how many dick jokes do we need in a 107 mins. Hollywood tripe at its finest.

  7. best comedy of 2013!!! love it! and i agree that the exchange between danny mcbride and james franco was absolutely hysterical. btw, thats so awesome you guys got to be extras and meet the guys! lucky you!

  8. I was put off initially because when the trailers were running it looked liked a group of rich actor friends getting together for a party and filming it. Yes, that’s what it turns out to be but there’s enough laughs to make you forget about that.

  9. I personally didn’t find this movie to be funny at all. There never seemed to be any good jokes or humor and the only character I found myself invested in was Emma Watson and I feel like the movie would have been so much better if it was about her instead.

    Am I alone in saying The World’s End was a far better apocalypse comedy. That one at least had actual jokes and humor.

    1. Oh my god. You stand alone. We’re in absolute and total disagreement, but thanks for your comment. I would have liked to had more Michael Cera, but I guess I’m more prone to the potty humor 🙂

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