In Memory of Robin Williams


“Boy, why are you crying?”
“I don’t know. A tear for every happy thought.”
Wendy and Peter in Hook

There comes a time in every person’s life when the stars that illuminated the imagination of our childhood start to blink out. We go through our entire childhood and adolescence taking certain faces for granted.

George Carlin will always be around to pick up the role of Rufus that you loved so much as a kid.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman will always be there to immerse himself in another role and show us yet another glimpse into the depth of human nature.

Robin Williams will always show up in drag, or leaves, or a clown nose and cheer us up when we are feeling down.

The sad truth is that they blink out. They have the audacity to die and for a moment it feels as though with them dies a piece of ourselves. They live on though, through their work and through our imaginations. It is now our job to share their genius with generations to come so they may laugh and learn what Neverland meant to us.

Thank you Robin Williams for daring us to imagine. Rest peacefully.

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