Best Moments of Golden Globes 2016


When Ricky Gervais hosts, you know things are about to get turned up.

tumblr_o0rnmzFA5M1r1q21qo1_400But despite all the bleeping through most of his monologues, the jokes were offensive as one would hope, but no where near as fun as pre-kicked off the globes from hosting- Gervais used to be. Not to mention the Globes underutilized him–the poor host didn’t even get a proper close!

There were a handful of surprises from the Globes including some serious snubs, not to my dismay, toward Spotlight and Carol. There were also major victories for actors such as Brie Larson (future Oscar winner) and Leonardo Dicaprio (future Oscar winner).


Here is my list of favorite moments from the
Golden Globes …

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill
Awkwardly Present


Jane Fonda + 1 are  Appalled
by Above Presenters


The Martian Wins Big in Best Musical/Comedy


Rocky Wins Best Supporting Actor
(And we all cried)


“Most of all, I want to thank my imaginary friend Rocky Balboa for being the best friend I ever had.” THEY PLAYED THE ROCKY THEME MUSIC AS STALLONE WALKED UP TO ACCEPT HIS AWARD. I CANNOT.


Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer are Awkward



Brad Pitt Proves Benjamin Button Theory and/or Botox


Remains cute while doing so.


Kate Winslet (Steve Jobs) Beats
Jennifer Jason Lee (The Hateful Eight)


Remains equally as shocked as we all were.

Lady Gaga Beats Kirsten Dunst in TV Series



…and gives the longest speech while remaining speechless. Music thus qued. Although I’ll always root for Kiki, I’m satisfied with her beating Dunst.


Leonardo Dicaprio Shades Lady Gaga


Dicaprio proves to be the Regina George of the Hollywood circle.


Gotta love him though.

Quentin Tarantino Accepts Best Score…
Gives Tarantino-esque Speech


Christian Slater Wins; Fangirls Over
Harrison Ford

tumblr_o0rnjqLj5N1u5v4gso5_400 tumblr_o0rrb2h0s71shvvl5o1_250

Brie Larson’s (Room) Deserving Win –
Best Actress Drama


His Royal Majesty Leonardo Dicaprio Wins – Best Actor Drama


Oscar en route.

Overall it was a pretty accurately rated award show. The Revenant won best picture for drama and The Martian won musical or comedy. Looks like it’ll be a fight between those two, but the Oscars always like the pull the rug, so who knows?


Ryan Gosling and Leonardo Dicaprio thank you for your time.



What were your favorite or least favorite moments??


27 thoughts on “Best Moments of Golden Globes 2016”

  1. I loved whenever camera showed Ford but that final category was appalling – what was it 2 minutes total? They should leave few minutes margin – it’s unacceptable for an actor of this caliber to show up just to present a clip and read the winner because the ceremony wasn’t well planned – which also deprived us of more Ricky in the end

    1. I’m pretty sure it says somewhere in the Bible to never start playing the music when Leonardo Dicaprio is speaking. EVER. But, honestly, the timing aspect was a damn shame…not to mention they just replayed the entire show after it wrapped.

  2. Wrote a few thoughts myself and we share a lot of the same feelings. Regardless of how lame, predictable, or annoying these things sometimes are I always enjoy them. One thing’s for sure, last night certainly cemented a few things come Oscar night!

  3. I hated Gaga’s win. I watched some of AHS: Hotel and she overacts. She’s got nothing on Kiki. I would’ve picked any of those ladies over Gaga, her win is all because of her name.

    I really thought Saoirse would win over Brie, but I’m happy either way. I love both of their performances.

  4. Ha ha I love this post. The Golden Globe gifs this year were hilarious. I actually didn’t know Christian Slater was still alive. So it was good to see him. Oh yeah Brad Pitt is totally botoxing…ain’t no way. He looks like he did in Legends of the Fall when I was a young teen girl with goo goo eyes over him. He’s at least 15 to 20 years older than me. I loved Gaga’s win.

  5. My goodness, the Golden Globes was psycho – so many zingers, some surprising wins. I was stunned Winslet won over Leigh and Gaga won over Dunst; was truly pulling for the latter for both categories. The Martian winning was probably my favorite moments – don’t know what it is about that movie but it’s like my top fave from last year. And, no one could top Sylvester too.

  6. Great round-up of the Globes. I didn’t see the show so it’s nice to see the highlights. Love Leo’s look when Lady Gaga brushes past him.

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