34 thoughts on “10 Movie Blogs You Should Be Following”

  1. Wowsers indeed. I’m delighted to be included here. I’ve added all on Twitter, the few I was not already acquainted with. And will certainly follow the good work.

  2. Good job highlighting these bloggers Courtney. I’ve blogged for six years, and have enjoyed chatting with Ruth, Wendell, Margaret, Brittani and the team at AssholeMovies.

    The five other sites I have not read before, so thanks for bringing them to my attention! I will check them out

  3. […] establish what you want to be all about and find a fresh take on it. Are you a fashionista, foodie, movie critic, or gaming superstar? Are you going to cover various subjects in a consistent format? Whatever it […]

  4. Very nice of you to share other blogs here. It’s actually one of reasonable posts over the internet with a good list of movie BLOGS (and not WEBSITES which is different).

    I love Cinematic Corner too, the reviews there are so tongue-in-cheek.

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