Best Moments of the Golden Globes 2017

Jimmy Fallon Golden Globes 2017

The 74th annual Golden Globes were last night, and they were hosted by a surprisingly nervous Jimmy Fallon.

The last twelve months have been tremendous accomplishment for independent films, and they dominated the Globes. Sadly, some of my favorites got snubbed, and La La Land swept through the awards winning all seven it was nominated for (the most wins for one film in Globes history).

Outside of the glaring losses, there were also a handful of hilarious flubs, awkward cuts and tremendous speeches.

jimmy fallon golden globes gif

Check out my favorite moments of the 2017 Golden Globes.


Opening Skit/Stranger Things Cast Raps

Stranger Things Golden Globes

Eleven lights up the screen with her rap tribute to Stranger Things and Barb lives!

Cuts to Michael Shannon

Michael Shannon Golden Globes

Michael Shannon needs to host something, but the world may not be ready for such swagger.

Hidden Fences – Michael Keaton

hidden fences

This wasn’t the first time someone mistakenly called Hidden Figures and Fences “Hidden Fences” … but Michael Keaton’s flub on stage made it all the more uncomfortable.

hidden fences tweet

Kristen Wiig and Steve Carell

kristen wiig and steve carell golden globes

Wigg and Carell present the award for animated feature, but give us the greatest sap story to start things off about their first animated film experience.

Ryan Gosling Wins, Remains Wonderful

Golden Globes Ryan Gosling

Although it was expected, I think we were all a little shocked to see Gosling win over Reynolds for lead actor in the comedy/musical category. Gosling just wasn’t that good, but his speech to his “sweetheart” Eva Mendes and her late brother was tremendous.

ryan gosling golden globe gif  ryan gosling golden globes

The Ryan Reynolds/Andrew Garfield Kiss

Ryan Reynolds kiss golden globes

While Ryan Gosling was accepting his Golden Globe Award for best actor, the other Ryan was laying the big smooch on a nearby neighbor, Andrew Garfield. Love is real.

Mel Gibson Expressions

Mel Gibson Golden Globes

“I’m on my best behavior,” Gibson told a reporter prior to the show. But as one tweeter nailed it, “When you’re the only two conservatives in a room where Trump is getting his ass dragged.”

Denzel Washington Expressions

Denzel at Golden Globes

When Meryl Streep began her mic-dropping thank-you speech, Denzel Washington already had all the feels.

Meryl Streep’s Mic Drop

meryl streep golden globes

With 16 Oscar nominations and three awards, Meryl Streep being honored at the Golden Globes was no surprise. What brought us all to tears was her acceptance speech of the best performance of the year that wasn’t given by an actor.

Casey Affleck Looked Wrecked

casey affleck golden globes

Casey Affleck unsurprisingly won the Globe for best male performance in a drama, and he looked like Joaquin Phoenix in I’m Still Here.

La La Land Wins Basically Everything


Eddy Redmayne’s exhausted expression is how I felt after La La Land’s masterful 7/7 wins.

Moonlight Shines

Moonlight Cast Golden Globes

Moonlight finally wins an award, for best motion picture drama. And the crowd goes wild!

So many La La Land speeches had the premise that it was a hard movie to sell. Moonlight was an even harder sell and a more extraordinary achievement, in my opinion.



18 thoughts on “Best Moments of the Golden Globes 2017”

  1. Great recap. Kristen Wiig and Steve Carell were priceless, and I did enjoy Meryl’s critique of a bad actor. I do love, though, how every year the presenters and winners forget that they should exit stage left, even though its the same exit every single year. Guess they do need directors after all.

  2. Great post! I never find Kristen Wiig funny but I loved that bit she did with Steve Carell. No idea why Reynolds and Garfield were kissing but I loved it that too lol.

    Michael Shannon definitely needs to be on camera at all times during award shows. That guy is wonderful.

  3. Courtney you just hit every nail on the head. Just brilliant recap of the Globes and hilarious. Now I understand why the room went a little quiet with Keaton, poor guy -mistakes happen. Also loved Cuba Gooding Jr telling people to simmer down when awards are being presented. The open bar at the Globes and party atmosphere is what makes it unique and special compared to Oscars and SAG. In years past its meant the audience has been more relaxed and happy. This year it felt like it made them more hostile sadly. You could feel the tension in the room if a joke bombed by a presenter and I don’t approve. Thank God for Meryl, Ryan and Ritter and Carrell to give us some moments. I’m sure Lala Land faced an uphill battle during most of its six year gestation but I find it unfathomable that after Whiplash it was a harder film to get made than Moonlight. Good point well made Courtney.

      1. I’m not sure, a loss of manners or lack of respect for Fallon. I thought it was poor although I did think it was neat when there was an impromptu display of support towards Brad Pitt when he came onstage.

  4. Gahh, I wish UK TV aired the Globes, but this post at least makes me feel like I was watching it! What’s worse is that I can’t see La La Land till next week, I feel like the hype train is leaving without me!
    It doesn’t matter how many times I see it, I LOVE that Reynolds/Garfield kiss 😀

  5. Fun recap! The expressions alone are enough to use for the rest of the year – love Denzels and Vince Vaughns. Since the drama and comedy genres are combined for the Oscars, it’ll be interesting who takes home the top prizes – LaLa Land or Moonlight. *crossing fingers for the latter*

  6. By the way Courtney, who’s your pick for Best Dressed. Many stunning outfits on the night but a clear winner for me was Alison Brie and just don’t see the media giving much love.

  7. Michael Shannon is a cool dude. Rocking those shades. The speech by Ryan Gosling was very touching. And Meryl really poured her heart into that speech.

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