Oscars 2017 Recap

2017 Oscar Winners

Although the top four acting categories garnered predictable winners, what no one predicted at the 2017 Oscars were the infamous hashtags known as #Envelopegate and #Oscarfail.

When Warren Beatty and Faye Dunnaway went to present the Oscar to best picture, Beatty had been handed the wrong envelope by the accountants. Confused and apprehensive once he looked at the envelope (which read Best Actress Winner Emma Stone from La La Land), Beatty attempted to show Dunaway the mistake before she immediately blurted out: LA LA LAND!


What a total F up. It’s one of the most surprising reversals in Oscar history.

As Trevor Dueck writes, Oscar host Jimmy Kimmel steered us through an overall entertaining show with Trump jokes and on ongoing feud with Matt Damon. Don’t forget about the bus-load of tourists who got the surprise of their lives when they were brought into the Dolby Theatre and got to meet some of Hollywood’s biggest names.

Here’s a recap of the 2017 Academy Awards.

Not Today Satan


Any Cut to Michael Shannon



Kimmel Awakening the Beast

Jimmy Kimmel Oscar gif



Seth Rogen Fan-Girling


Taraji & Octavia During Candy Drops


We Are All Gary


Ben & Matt – No New Friends


#I did not portray a sexual assault survivor  to present an oscar to this wreck


Ben Affleck’s Quivering Lip for Casey Affleck

Ben Affleck Oscars crying tumblr_om1q4f8erz1tpk0vyo1_400

The Cutest Non-Couple Backstage


The Conspiracy Behind Envelopegate


Envelopegate Unravels

tumblr_om0quus8zj1s2791bo1_400 tumblr_om0quus8zj1s2791bo2_400


La La Land’s Director humming Hello Darkness My Old Friend


We Are All Shirley MacLaine at this Moment


Moonlight’s Cast Reactions

Moonlight Cast Oscar Reaction


Director Barry Jenkins FTW…later, fools who dream!








30 thoughts on “Oscars 2017 Recap”

  1. Great wrap up! I didn’t see Ben looking all proud of his brother. If Casey wasn’t such a trainwreck, I would think that’s adorable.

  2. Entertaining recap! I watched the oscars, my favorite moments were the Hollywood tourists, opening w/ Timberlake, and unforgettable ending obviously. Matt Damon interrupted by Kimmel conducting the orchestra made me laugh. I missed that emotional moment with Ben Affleck.

  3. Cool recap! I love all the gifs. I thought Kimmel was a good host but it was a little frustrating that winners for technical awards were played off during their speeches so he could repeatedly tell the same or similar jokes. Justin Timberlake did a nice job kicking off the show, and the Hollywood tourists bit was great. What an unbelievable evening with the ending though!

    1. Thanks, and I couldn’t agree more! The tourists were hilarious, especially Kimmel going, “You don’t seem to be paying attention to the white celebrities!” 🤣🤣🤣

  4. I only noticed Ben’s reaction to Casey’s speech today when I was assembling gifs for RF, it’s adorable how he supports his brother no matter what, what is he supposed to do it’s his brother and it’s not like Ben doesn’t have a shitload of his own demons.

    LLL producer #1 throwing that petty ‘we lost anyways so yeah’ after he knew they lost and gave the speech anyways and LLL producer #2 rudely yanking the card out of Beatty’s hands really made me so happy these people lost. Gosling and Stone had an enormous amount of grace on that stage in that moment

    1. I honestly didn’t even realize the La La Land garbage happening as it unfolded. I didn’t process that one producer said, “Yeah we lost.” What the actual hell? Talk about sore losers. I understand it sucks tremendously, but go out with grace, people. I couldn’t agree more with you, Sati. Total garbage.

  5. I think to criticise the producers of La La Land is very harsh. Maybe the ‘we lost by the way’ was iittle tetchy but it was the heat of moment. Who wouldn’t be a little peeved off? You just lost the biggest prize in the movies. Horowitz reacted firmly, but graciously towards Moonlight by clearing the air, congratulating them and personally giving them they award. Total Garbage is it not. Horowitz did a great job covering up for his colleagues small outburst.

    Sorry to be blunt but life would be boring if everyone agreed

    Still, I quite like this post showed me some bits I missed. Have you heard about Gary’s backstory?

    1. Thanks for commenting, Elliot! I think if I had been in the producers shoes, I’d be mortified of the mixup…probably more Ryan Gosling giggling in the corner and less peeved. And, yes, I’ve heard of Gary’s backstory. Quite interesting.

  6. Courtney I was hoping you would do an Oscar recap and I am not disappointed. Excellent gifs again. I’ve covered this myself and I agree that the telecast was one of the better ones in the past decade and hope that the ending does not overshadow that fact.

  7. It was overall a pretty exciting night I thought. It felt like I was there. The ceremony hasn’t been this fun in years.

  8. Good wrap up.. glad I found it. I can only say I was a little sad with the ending mixup..Not because I loved either film..but because an old dear friend was the music supervisor on the film and to see him up on that stage as part of the ‘winning’ ensemble of La La Land..and then poof!! he’s gone..you could tell something was up though..so much commotion as it was unfolding. I thought they handled it as gracefully as they could and yet..Moonlights moment was also lost some because of it all. basically a no win situation because some accountant guy thought it more important to tweet than to pay attention to what he was supposed to be doing. No girl will ever date and accoutant again! hahahahahahaha

  9. Really good recap. The Michael Shannon jam fest was a highlight for me as well. Do you think Barry Jenkins was actually trying to stick it to La La Land with that comment? I had not even thought of that. I still say it is an insult to talented movie makers like Damien Chazelle and Dennis Villenueve that a movie like Moonlight that they could make in their sleep would beat out their movies.

    1. Thank you! Nah, I don’t think Barry’s comment was a jab at La La Land, although I do appreciate it! I don’t think it’s an insult…I just think it’s proof that indies are the future and are becoming more visible.

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