Cold War Wrecked Me

tumblr_plqjjs6L0p1wviohto1_6405star  “I know love is love, that’s it.”


I just saw Cold War…and don’t worry…I’ll be crying all night.


Cold War is one of those gems that scoots by the average movie-goer, but at least the Academy is paying attention nominating the film for Best Foreign Film (against the dreadfull Roma, which it’ll sadly lose to), Best Director (Paweł Pawlikowski) and Cinematography (reuniting with Ida cinematographer Lukasz Zal).

Tomasz Kot and Joanna Kulig co-star as the two leads in the story loosely inspired by the lives of Pawlikowski’s parents (whom he dedicated the film to).


The movie follows a music director who falls in love with a singer in the 1950s and tries to persuade her to flee communist Poland for France during the Cold War. As border security becomes tighter, their love is perpetually tested due to circumstance over a period of 15 years from Poland to Germany to Yugoslavia to France and back again. Their love story may be bleak, even as the title suggests, but their undying love for each other is one to watch. 

Needless to say, I am wrecked.




11 thoughts on “Cold War Wrecked Me”

  1. Sold! My goodness, this sounds like a heartbreaker. I’m in just on those stills alone, but your review has me beyond intrigued. I watch so few foreign films anymore, this would be a nice (and excruciating?) change of pace.

    I’m worried, though – you know? I can tend to, uh, get a little emotional myself. I’ll probably have to take a day just to gather myself.

  2. I’m glad you loved it! It didn’t have the emotional impact I was hoping for —it felt a bit cold to me— and the characters could have used more depth, but the performances are great, and the cinematography is stunning. And it’s just a way better movie than Roma. Period.

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