Ingrid Goes West is the Millennial Generation

ingrid goes west3star“Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea. Hashtag, California.”

When I try to understand the emotional complexities of social media, this quote from IndieWire hits the nail on the head:

“No one is as happy as they seem on Instagram, as depressed as they seem on Twitter, or as insufferable as they seem on Facebook.”

Ingrid Goes West dives face first into Single White Female territory with a splash of Desperately Seeking Susan for the millennial generation. Sadly, this Insta-stalking satire deserves a grittier and deeper look into what it’s dissecting.


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Welcome to The Bling Ring Generation

bling ring house gif3star“What did Lindsay say?”

Before Hollywood discovered the benefit of locking their doors when leaving town, a group of gutsy, celebrity-obsessed high schoolers ransacked the homes of Paris Hilton, Rachel Bilson, Orlando Bloom and Lindsey Lohan…to name a few. And they posted their  designer booty on Facebook feeling the temporary fulfillment of ultimate materialism–until they got caught.

   I wanna lead a country one dayhollywood's most wanted bling ringbig sunglasses hide all sins bling ring

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