Review: Green Room is Year’s Most Horrifying

Green Room Movie Poster5star“It’s funny. You were so scary at night.”

There are some movies that make you question where you stand on Darwin’s survival of the fittest theory – Green Room is one of them, and I don’t think I’d survive.

With white power slogans subtly displayed throughout the film’s central location, a neo-Nazi skinhead bar in the desolate Oregon backwoods (led by Sir Patrick Stewart!?), the timing of the film’s release is a eerily relevant in the era of a Trump America. Green Room creates a raw, gut-wrenching survival experience that had me white-knuckled throughout the entire movie.

Even Sir Patrick Stewart (Darcy) 30 pages deep into reading the script, stopped reading to immediately set his home security alarms and open a bottle of scotch before finishing the script.

“Remember, it’s not a party,” Darcy tells his followers on stage in the microphone. “It’s a movement.” You’re damn right.

Green Room Movie Gif

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It Follows is Creepy as Hell

It-Follows-2014-672x3725star“It could look like someone you know or it could be a stranger in a crowd. Whatever helps it get close to you.”

In an era that doesn’t take the horror genre seriously anymore, It Follows is the answer to our deprivation as it crawls under our skin and lingers for days to follow.

Filmmakers like Jim Mickle with “We Are What We Are,” Jennifer Kent with “The Babadook,” and now David Robert Mitchell with “It Follows”are starting to bring the horror genre back, and I’m loving it!


It Follows does something clever–it takes a very old concept and revamps it for a new generation without the cheap thrills and typical scares of a campy horror. If Halloween and A Nightmare on Elm Street had a baby, this would be their Frankenstein. Like it’s predecessors before it, It Follows creates enough unease to make you sleep with the lights on, look behind every corner and cringe from what’s under the bed.

How often do horror films create such a level of dread?

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I love Mandy Lane too!

Amber Heard All the Boys Love Mandy Lane

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane Amber Heard

For the past few months, I have been pondering the question: Why do I watch so many horror movies? I can’t attribute my interest to any of the explanations Piece of Cape offers up: the thrill rush, the gore, the “sport.” In reviewing The Descent I expressed an appreciation for the survivability aspect, my admiration for and aspiration to emulate those who rise to every occasion and manage to survive. But on a more fundamental level, I think it boils down to this:

More than any other genre, horror movies will always keep you guessing.