Decoding HBO’s True Detective

"It’s just one story. The oldest...light versus dark" If time is a flat circle, the obsession to uncover the darkest corners of the nightmares in our culture yesterday, today and tomorrow is futile. The first season of HBO’s eight-episode drama True Detective ignited high public interest before the pilot episode aired. With an 11 million-view… Continue reading Decoding HBO’s True Detective

Seven Psychopaths…one Shih Tzu

"I almost got killed today because you kidnapped the wrong dog" What do you get when you mix seven psychopaths, a supporting role by an expressionless Shih Tzu and over-the-top Tarantino-esque violence? You get a sharply penned script with killer dialogue and grade-A talent hysterically meshed together. But more importantly, you get Christopher Walken.  … Continue reading Seven Psychopaths…one Shih Tzu