Link Roundup: The Amazing Spider-man

Michael C. at Serious Film has a great franchise throwdown, comparing the villains, the love interests, the origins, et al. The original wins by TKO. Eric Eisenberg has the same idea, but a different method leads to different results: He directly compares one Spidey to the next. I find his math questionable, particularly in judging… Continue reading Link Roundup: The Amazing Spider-man

Link Roundup: The Dark Knight Rises

I love that these guys articulate so well the vaguely uncomfortable feeling I had throughout the entire movie. I mentioned in one of my "rhetorical questions" (but didn't explore) the fact that TDKR moved into the real world more than previous installments had. That made the suspension of disbelief, which is standard for a typical… Continue reading Link Roundup: The Dark Knight Rises