Link Roundup: The Amazing Spider-man

Michael C. at Serious Film has a great franchise throwdown, comparing the villains, the love interests, the origins, et al. The original wins by TKO. Eric Eisenberg has the same idea, but a different method leads to different results: He directly compares one Spidey to the next. I find his math questionable, particularly in judging… Continue reading Link Roundup: The Amazing Spider-man

The Amazing Spider-man and the Death of Peter Parker

The Amazing Spider-man is entertaining and fun to watch. It's got a great cast (Emma Stone and Martin Sheen are stand-outs) and is probably everything movie-goers want in a summer blockbuster. Unfortunately, those are about the only good things I can bring myself to say about it, because this movie destroyed everything I loved about… Continue reading The Amazing Spider-man and the Death of Peter Parker