Mythology in Movies: The Egyptians

While Greek myths are often reinterpreted and adapted into modern-day tales, Egyptian mythology rarely takes shape on the big screen. When it does, more often than not it's the trappings of the ancient culture that fascinate us, rather than the gods in the pantheon. The Mummy Probably the most successful depiction of Egyptian mythology on… Continue reading Mythology in Movies: The Egyptians

Mythology in Movies: The Celts

While modern adaptations of Greco-Roman mythology abound, movies with direct links to the Celtic tradition can be difficult to find. King Arthur is obviously the most well-known figure of British mythology, but he'll warrant a post of his own. In the meantime, here are a few of the lesser-known stories with roots in Celtic legend:… Continue reading Mythology in Movies: The Celts

Mythology in Movies: The Norse

Unlike Greek mythology, which was characterized by the meddling of gods in the affairs of mortals, Norse mythology centered more on the gods' conflicts with each other and with other mythical beings, such as giants, world-encompassing sea monsters, eight-legged horses, dwarves, and elves. While not quite as popular as Greek myths, tales of Norse gods have… Continue reading Mythology in Movies: The Norse

Mythology in Movies: The Greeks

I've always loved myths and legends - Greek, Roman, Norse, Arthurian. As a kid I read and re-read fascinating stories, punctuated by beautiful artwork, in D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths, Usborne's Norse Myths and Legends, Mary Stewart's Merlin Trilogy. Eventually I graduated to reading the classics, listening to Wagner's Ring Cycle, and playing Wrath of the… Continue reading Mythology in Movies: The Greeks