Only Lovers Left Alive Revisits Vampire Genre

"How can you've live for so long and still not get it? This self obsession is a waste of living." If any genre of as been over-explored in our culture, it's the blood-sucking, vampire genre. But indie director Jim Jarmusch offers a melancholy, hipster-driven film that pushes the boundaries of love for centuries between two… Continue reading Only Lovers Left Alive Revisits Vampire Genre

In Defense of The Grand Budapest Hotel

"You see, there are still faint glimmers of civilization left in this barbaric slaughterhouse that was once known as humanity. Indeed that’s what we provide in our own modest, humble, insignificant… oh, fuck it."                  "A number of years ago, while suffering from a mild case of 'summer fever' (a chronic form of pulmonary rheumatism)… Continue reading In Defense of The Grand Budapest Hotel