The New Dredd

The first film adaptation of Judge Dredd, a British comic book set in a dystopian wasteland, is described on Wikipedia as "a critical and commercial disappointment." If you appreciate a high body count, Rob Schneider's comic relief, and cyborg cannibal mutants (plus that air of gravitas a Max Von Sydow cameo affords), as I do, you might find… Continue reading The New Dredd

The Amazing Spider-man and the Death of Peter Parker

The Amazing Spider-man is entertaining and fun to watch. It's got a great cast (Emma Stone and Martin Sheen are stand-outs) and is probably everything movie-goers want in a summer blockbuster. Unfortunately, those are about the only good things I can bring myself to say about it, because this movie destroyed everything I loved about… Continue reading The Amazing Spider-man and the Death of Peter Parker

The Dark Knight Rustles My Jimmies

I'm sure I'll be in the minority on this based on a preliminary review of "OMG BATMAN!!!" Facebook statuses, but in a word: disappointing. ***SPOILERS FOLLOW!*** In a few more words: devoid of logic, plodding, pretentious. The Dark Knight took itself seriously, and it worked; but Heath Ledger's Joker wasn't a cartoon character, he was… Continue reading The Dark Knight Rustles My Jimmies

Melancholia’s End of the World Prediction

"Enjoy it while it lasts" “I know things,” Justine explains. “We’re alone…life is only on Earth and not for long.” A rogue planet is on a collision course headed straight to Earth…you probably wouldn’t be too sane either. The apocalyptic vision of Melancholia writer and director Lars von Trier is a visually enthralling CGI wonderland… Continue reading Melancholia’s End of the World Prediction