Top 10 of 2013

The 2014 Oscars and I had a lot to agree on, but also a few minor disagreements. The winners were all unquestionably worthy of their awards, and the acceptance speeches were some of the best I've seen in recent history (motivational speeches over name-blasting goes far y'all!). My only qualms with this year were a… Continue reading Top 10 of 2013

Fruitvale Station–24 Hours with Oscar Grant

It’s December 31st 2008, and Oscar Grant has his New Year’s resolution set on reconstructing his life with his girlfriend and their four-year-old daughter. But his resolution is abruptly cut short after an altercation outside of Fruitvale Station resulting in an unarmed Grant being shot in the back by a Bart police officer. Profoundly upsetting,… Continue reading Fruitvale Station–24 Hours with Oscar Grant